Medical taping

This treatment concept is pain-free without any side effects,
improves muscle function and activates the lymph system.

It influences the conduction of pain, supports the joints and
acts on the internal organs.

A special elastic tape and the special technique make this possible without the use of medication.
The tape is made of cotton, the adhesive surface s 100% acrylic resin.

An important difference to other forms of taping is the specific selection of the colour of the tape. It has long been known that colours have an intensive impact on the body, and can therefore be used very effectively and supportively for this.

Medical taping can alleviate pain in chronic diseases and successfully support other treatments.
You can shower with the tapes applied without the tape coming off.

For which symptoms can medical taping be used?

Back pain Spinal symptoms, sciatica, slipped disks, osteoporosis pain, sacroiliac joint etc.
Joint pain Tennis elbow, golfer's arm, hip joint pain, knee joint
pain, arthrosis pain, acute and chronic shoulder
pain etc.
Headaches Migraines, tension headaches, muscular tinnitus, ENT inflammation, coccygeal bone-induced symmetry disorders etc.
Muscular pain syndromes Muscular cramps, tears in the muscle fibre, calcaneal spur, rheumatic
diseases, Sudeck's disease etc.
Neuropathic pain Polyneuropathy, restless legs, nerve damage etc.
Visceral pain syndromes Constipation, colic, lymphoedema, thrombophlebitis, chronic lymph congestion etc.


The treatment costs are reimbursed by many private health insurance providers. Those who have statutory health insurance should ask their providers the proportion they have to pay.

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