Werner Ponton


After completing my training to become a toolmaker, I set off on my second educational path to attain the level required for university entrance exams.

I studied medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nuremberg from 1973 to 1980. After the final university examinations, I was an academic assistant at the Friedrich-Alexander-University.

In 1983, my friend and teacher Dr Thorolf Hager asked me to come and work with him at the Kronach district hospital. After completing my training to become a specialist in general surgery, I became the Chief Physician at the large surgical department at Kronach district hospital.

In late March 1993, I stopped my clinic work and became a participating physician in Munich.

On 1 January 2009, I opened my private practice in the centre of Munich, and have been practising coloproctology there ever since.

I completed training as an emergency doctor/paramedic in 1990.

I also completed the examination set by the Bavaria State Medical Association for the additional field of proctology in 2006.

I gained additional qualifications in the fields of nutritional medicine (DGEM, DGE), hypnosis, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson and lymphology. I have also received further training in orthomolecular medicine, medical taping, intestinal health and immunology.