Nutritional medicine

The answer to the question "why do we gain weight" is simple and well known by all: "because we eat too much". We actually eat more than we use, and also eat the wrong things at the wrong times.

As a consultant of the Insulean concept by Dr Pape, better known as the "sleep yourself thin" concept, I pursue a change in nutrition to lose weight in a healthy manner without dieting.

Insulean nutritional counselling enables the targeted breakdown of body fats while maintaining the body cell mass which is critical to life by effectively changing eating habits. The counselling is based on the most recent developments in nutritional research into the body's various different insulin reactions to different foods. You learn about a diverse, tasty and filling diet without having to go hungry. In principle, nothing is off the menu, which means that the dreaded yo-yo effect occurs much less frequently.

The individual analysis of the composition of your body (bioelectrical impedance analysis, BIA) shows how you can best achieve your goal. In this way, the changes in your body are carefully recorded and your individual nutrient requirements calculated.

By changing the time at which you eat meals containing carbohydrates and proteins (insulin food combining), your individual wellbeing nutrition enables fatty tissue to burn stored fats in the muscles 12 hours a day without fat blocks. The programme is tailored flexibly to your requirements.

Advantages for you:

Individual support and counselling
Analysis of your personal body composition using the scientific bioelectrical impedance measurement
More wellbeing, more enjoyment, more physical fitness
No expensive prescriptions
Simple rules for everyday eating
High quality, tasty nutritional supplements which have been specially developed for the Insulean concept
Lose weight in time with your biological clock.


If you want to lose weight, you have to eat lots of foods, but the right ones!