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Privacy policy:
We take the protection of your data when you visit our home page very seriously. Your data is protected as set out in the legal provisions (in particular the new Telemedia Act). Below there is a list of the data recorded during your visit to our home page and information on how this is used.

1. Stored data:
It is unavoidable that certain data which your browser sends to us is stored in the server statistics. This storage is only used for internal system-related and statistical purposes. We are generally unable to attribute this data to particular persons, and we do not combine this data with other sources of data. Extensive personal information is only recorded if you provide this information freely, for example through an inquiry or when making an appointment.

2. Use and passing on of personal data:
Where you have provided personal information to us, we will use this solely to respond to your inquiry, to process contracts agreed with us and for technical administration. Your personal data are only passed on to third parties or transmitted in any other way if this is necessary to process the contract or for invoicing, or if you have agreed to this in advance. You are entitled to revoke consent you have granted at any time with effect for the future. The personal data stored will be deleted if you revoke your consent for its storage, if your information is no longer necessary to carry out the purpose for which the data was stored, or if the storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons.

3. Right to information:
We are happy to provide information about the personal data we store. If you have any questions about the handling of your data, please feel free to email us.